Project Gloria | Modern French


As you step into the house, first the maid’s room was reduced to create room for a classic foyer area. Then the original kitchen was reconstructed to become an open vintage kitchen, allowing natural lights to fill the entrance as you sip your espresso on the breakfast table. Arriving at the living room, you will see modern and classic French blending in perfectly. Classic walnut flooring in herringbone pattern. Elegant marble fireplace. Modern dining chairs and designer lights. Vintage dining table and leather sofa... Oh, don’t forget the 1970s chandelier from Denmark too. Entering the corridor, bathrooms and bedrooms are simply an extension of our interpretation of French style in this 3 bedroom apartment, accented with decoration accessories from around the world and custom-designed furniture from hoo... Phew, are you feeling French now?

Please enjoy it !

All photos right reserved by hoo Limited
Designed by me & YC
Home Styling by me & YC
Photos Taken by me

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