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The mesh acts as a bulletin board with clothes pegs, paper clips and hooks. Here we collect decorative inspirational images, material samples and nice-to-have things to a mood board that can easily change shape according to mood and season.

Industrial-inspired work - How To Get style:

Work: Askskiva from Bauhaus, trestle VIKA LERBERG | IKEA
Desk lamp: Vintage - look at the flea market!
Reinforcement:'s construction department stores, Bauhaus, K-rauta etc.
Hooks: Granite
Trolley: Green Forest | IKEA
Chair: Tolix | Posh Living
Calendar: Lotta Agaton Shop

Styling: Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramse
Photographer: Christopher Johnson

via Hitta Hem

點樣做得可以咁凌亂美!牆身一個告示板,用衣勾,曲別針和掛鉤。其實可以收集一些根據你既心情和季節性的靈感圖片, 有意思的字句裝飾一下,仲有材料sample 。無錯!做個Mood Board。可以很容易地改變形狀 / 位置調動一下,你都可以試試。


顏色:離不開黑色,銀色及Monochrome 的色系,帶點暗綠色

工作:Askskiva from Bauhaus, trestle VIKA LERBERG | IKEA
檯燈: Vintage - look at the flea market!
小車:Green Forest | IKEA
椅子:Tolix。| posh living 
日曆:Lotta Agaton Shop

造型: Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramse
攝影師:Christopher Johnson

via hitta hem


Porject Jun | Stylish home

Project Jun 
Designed by hoo
Styling by hoo 
Photos by hoo 

Location: Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Size: 687 Square Feet
Date of Completion: September 2012

Pure Love. Simple Design.

There is true beauty in simplicity. We brought everything back to its purest form for this 2-bedroom Love Nest. Modest use of colors. Natural brick tiles. Raw cement walls and flooring. Hidden storage spaces. And of course, a semi-open kitchen. When you already have LOVE, what more could you possibly want?

More photos click here :: hoo's Facebook

concrete paint wall in bedroom with Caravaggio 
Old boat wood table and white brick wall 
dining area // good for gathering


Photos and styling by 20kvadrat

Donna Karren
Via Ann street studio

styling and photos by line klein


Modern Minimalism | House in Sweden

Found his absolutely beautiful apartment on Kungsholmen in Lake Mälaren in Sweden, part of Stockholm City for sale at Fantastic Frank.  More pictures Here . 
I love this color theme for the lovely mix of modern minimalism simplicity. 

最近上網無意中見到這一間在瑞典,“梅拉倫湖中湖的斯德哥爾摩” ( Google 出這個名,不知是否正確)的住宅出售。
超級喜歡這個現代簡約主義的簡單組合,顏色主題清晰雖然都是黑白灰。但配襯一些有 charater 的椅子,突出灰色系及Pattern 的廚房地櫃。簡單有味道。

Beautiful cabinet : like the pattern with grey in white kitchen.

Like the herringbone wooden flooring! 

Simple and Clean



This is the Copenhagen home of talented designer Yvonne Koné . The photos are taken by super talented photographer Line Klein . Styling by Stine Langvad

It is a beautiful simplicity home!!! Absolutely love it! 

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