Clinic Preview

我地hoo team終於又完成一個艱鉅的 project la! 

要光猛,要moody,  要舒適,要型格,要潮!
 做到似apartment夠晒home feel多好!


俾住D preview 相先,都唔錯喇!

Designed & Styling & Project management by hoo 
Photos by Sai

reception connected to recovery room

We are working hard.

Dr. Wong room. it's good right? Yellow | Black | White !

He is Dr.Wong

Recovery room connected to OT room

like this view : show different layers 

sweaty, stinky, hot, hungry, tired .... 

Voulez Vous Shop Preview


hoo team 將呢間位於白沙道上樓舖,VV的新店設計成Fashion Cafe。
佢地carry好多新晉fashion designer brands 
因為店的客人會有明星 ﹠不同層面的闊太及型人
店舖設計成cafe 可以有話題性,可以hea下,可以慢慢shopping及休息下。

黑板寫上的字不是什麼coffee & Cake,而係VV新入的Fashion Brand
" Today's Special " 品牌介紹變得更有趣味。

Designed & Styling & Project management by hoo 
Photos by Sai

Lovely drawings on Black board 

Comfy seat for a rest , enjoy your coffee | Tea here

We re working hard :)

Window Display

Voulez Vous
3/F, 18 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
2833 0938


Star & Sun Street | HK


Last couple weeks ago, no wave no surf .
so we went swimming in the morning at ShekO then have a long breakfast at Lulu's cafe. back home for a little nap which usually have on my sunday.

late afternoon, we went to check out some shops in Star street, Wanchai. 
I pretty luv the name " Star Street & Sun Street "
haha kinda romantic name :)
well we have a late coffee there... and out with mosquito...
you know here is getting much more busy and many lovely small shops.
I like local style and selling interesting stuffs in mini shop with friendly ppl
much more than LV | GUCCI | big super shopping mall ! 

you will find some special soul in star street.
if you have little time, you should check it out sometime.
you will get some inspiration all about 
design | fashion | interior | furniture | homeware | cafe 

made my day! 

having a coffee here 
such as london style !! 
cupcake ah

nice sweetie girl, shop manager ? 
we bought a book! 
do you want some?
beautiful ceramic bowls and cups at Kapok 

selling chocolate at Kapok 
F.I.L.  definitely prefect in design and mood
I Luv this shop. 
Taste vibe and industrial style which selling the men's clothing and industrial furniture & lights & decoration & vintage stuffs. 

Wine & Dine map

Lifestyle map

More about Star Street 

Photos by Sai 

Warm Chocolate Brownie

well. you know.. i m quite busy and lazy.
wanna make a brownie cake for a long time but still did't have time to make it.
eventually i bought a pack of brownie mixture from supermarket..
ha Easy Fast ! taste not bad !
my mini monster luv it !

It's only need egg & vegetable oil & little water !
that's it . just stir all mixture well together.
I stir in some Linda 86% dark chocolate into the brownie mixture.
 finally... mmmm.. bake bit long time which i followed the direction. Initially I want the cake taste more soften inside, come out the edge bit over but in the middle session s soft la and sure it looks yummy actually not bad not bad...nom nom...

sift some powder sugar on top

my favorite cream with warm brownie  

luckily inside section is SOFT! delicious !

all gone! 
All photos by Sai


I Love Yogurt

Take 2 mins to make your own yogurt.
Healthy ! low fat ! good snack ! 
the best way for Breakfast & tea time as always feel hungry around 3-5pm haha! 

Muesli yogurt with strawberry and honey : 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • 4 tbsp fruits and nuts muesli 
  • 3 tbsp plain low fat yogurt  
  • 3 pcs chopped strawberries 
  • Spray cream ( optional )
  • Raisins ( up to you )
  • 1 tsp honey
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  1. put 3 tbsp muesli into the glass
  2. put 3 tbsp yogurt 
  3. put 1 tbsp museli 
  4. strawberries 
  5. spray whipped cream
  6. some raisins  
  7. honey on top. 

DONE! yummy!!!

Banana Cake

I have found couple soft bananas nearly dead at home.... won't waste it.
so immediately go to search some recipe about Banana Cake.

lovely healthy banana cake :) smile for my tea time .

all photos taken by Sai


Sharyn Cairns

Sharyn Cairns

her works make my day. Really like her style.  

Sharyn has been at the forefront of commercial photography in Australia for a long time – she is always in demand, and is regularly published by all the great magazines in the land, you know, the Inside Outs, the Vogue Livings, the Gourmet Travellers and all the rest.  She really is the best of the best.

Photo by Sharyn Cairns for Inside Out Magazine, styling Glen Proebstel.

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