Vibe House

I would admitted in love with collecting, vintage stuffs / aboundance paper books / retro dirty accessories / posters.... 

The black family bought from Muji.
The Artist Timeline bought from Tate Modern Museum, London

The beautiful Blue and white ceramic vase is designed / made by Beijing Artist when traveling in local artist market in Beijing. 

the old vintage Chinese calendar was bought from local market in Shanghai . I love those old style printing and the color is fabulous. DIY on frame to be my feature wall month by month randomly with different layer. 

I love books. I love drawing and draw my adventure story while traveling somewhere. Those visual diaries are my treasures. some of them are redecorated the cover by lovely fabric. Memories are always beautiful. 

Keith Haring book was brought from Museum book shop in Paris. 

This is my favorite corner when sunlight come through from the blinds to my beloved piano such as great start in the morning.

The awesome art work on the wall by Steve Gorrow. I did surf every weekend. I don't mind the surfboard being a decor some corner. Channel islands surfboard. The mao's car is inspired from China Club we saw it on the bar counter before. Luckily, found another one were selling in a old vintage shop by old couples in Central. Definitely had to get one.  

all photos by me


Sunday afternoon

mt washi types // L'AMITE candle // seventytree postcard // skull ceramic sculpture

all photos by me


2013 home design trends

Harmonious pastel colors with flowers, burlap and wood are always the most natural perfect match!
Using the material mixed and match correctly. It could enhance the great values of spatial structure and tactile​​. It's the trend of home design in 2013

和諧的pastel 色調 | 鮮花,粗麻布和光禿的木材永遠都是最自然的完美配搭!
懂得利用材料mixed and match,  提高整個空間結構和觸覺值。是2013年的家居設計大趨勢。

Styling: Anna Malmgren, photo: Brian Predstrup


The decor somewhere

the candles brass, MAD et Len

 mini ceramic body sculpture by Beijing artist 

functional combination pattern hammer set by V&A wild & wolf 

all photos by me


Copper Love

Eclectic collection by Tom Dixon 

1.  tie string holder | HKD 158.43   2. brooklyn copper cookware saucepan | HKD 2159.72  
3.  dining utensils   4. hammered pitchers, Japan | HKD 1836.43 

1.  akita tape dispenser | tatsuya akita    2.  copper pencil holder | ferm living 
3.  layla headphones | HKD 1170   4.  van heesch copper bicycle, Netherlands  


Piña Chair for Magis | Jaime Hayon

Armchair for Magis produced in 2011. Seat in steel rod painted in epoxy resin. Legs in solid beech, natural or painted. Seat/back cushion in expanded polyurethane covered in fabric or leather. via HAYON/Studio

all photos via Jaime Hayon 


Top view shots | Instagram

Somehow I kinda like taking some top view shots by Instagram. Like to set the proportion and balancing in the pics with effects.. I like Instagram.

"kill my heart at softy comfort place"
like cupcakes
breakfast : homemade pancakes with red beans and plain yogurt
flowers with penny skateboard 
at the balcony 
my cup of cappuccino
high tea time yeh! 

all photos taken by me

ferm living SS 2013

ferm LIVING  is one of my favorite favorite home-ware decoration brand which is Danish design on scandinavian style and retro charm. Their beautiful graphic s such simply with geometric pattern as well as hamonious pastel color expended into design and interior products. 

ferm LIVING has released spring/ summer 2013 collections. I always excited to see their new great catalogue as their styling and using color is GORGEOUS. you may check it out their SS13 catalogue. \
I absolutely love the kids wallpaper and the bedding. If I could I must pick the half moon wallpaper for the one feature wall. Sorry maybe too many images below as i can't stop to post it but TOO BEAUTIFUL. 

ferm LIVING 是其中一個我非常喜愛的北歐設計風味的丹麥品牌。他們為室內產品設計上帶點復古的韻味。簡單的幾何圖案以及pastel的柔和色調勁吸引 ! 
他們在年頭推出了 spring/ summer 2013 系列。每次推出,我總是好興奮去看他們的新的catalogue,因為他們的styling 和 setting 太正了。你可以click HERE 去看看。
我今次就最喜歡小朋友的牆紙和床上用品 cushion 啊。如果我選,半圓的黑白牆紙,  去做一邊的特式牆啦!

Very NICE!!!!

all photos via ferm-LIVING

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