The Vintage Emporium

If you got tired on your foot adventure on brick lane.
If you re looking for some cafe treating yourself with coffee and sweet.
If you interest on vintage clothing and antique decor, touching the vibe furniture.

Think you should check it out this lovely place which I luv so much and appreciated.

The Vintage Emporium

如果香港都有呢D vintage cafe 你話有多好,開cafe 不一定要高昂的裝修,
入到呢間cafe, 會見到佢的裝修只係好簡單,
白色raw brick wall, 簡陋的舊木counter,
homemade cake 就一碟碟放係櫃面display 出黎,
coffee machine /plates/ cups 當decoration,
最興奮既係佢D chairs/ coffee table/ arm chairs/ benches 

每件都係獨一無二既vintage furniture,
 可能你會覺得舊野殘野污糟野, 但卻是係我本人既僻好
sofa/chairs 布料leather都同一道理才有這種味道,
vintage 既價值就係背後有多的故事及歷史。

千祈唔好miss左下面一層,Don't miss the vintage clothing section on downstairs,

佢地賣vintage Victorian 1950s clothing & accessories,值得一看,
所有setting好home feel,人又friendly, 
 I wanna get some chairs at home :D 

Inside cafe, different vintage chairs for cafe seats 
luv the moody corner 
do you want some? lovely setting 
Even the doggie enjoy here so much

All photos and layout by Sai

And I found some nice shots of this interior view by other blogger 
inside view on counter, taken by Hilary Walker
decoration setting, taken by Hilary Walker

taken by Hilary Walker

Cafe area, taken by The Mad Journal
Cafe area, taken by The Mad Journal
Cafe area, taken by The Mad Journal

check it out the website

The Vintage Emporium
14 Bacon street
Brick lane
London E1 6LF

0207 7390 799

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