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Louis Poulsen  is a well-known manufature of design lamp, which relaunched an old favourite, the Navy Pendant. It was originally produced in the 1950s, collaboration with the Navy Buildings Department but it was last seen in their catalogues in the 1980s. 
The new version has been called Doo-Wop

The choice of lighting plays a very important part in the final look of any interior design scheme. Get it right and the lighting will bring the scheme together, and should provide both atmosphere and task lighting when needed.

It s be arranged a one or in a row, or even randomly arrangement. It seems attractive lighting effects. Available as well as dining and kitchen, children's room, such as halls and stairs. All over the place s given a fresh style and good light in the space.

I quite like the brass one, stylish simply. 

Louis Poulsen  是一間知名的丹麥製造廠商,  他們設計的燈常全球性的設計師攜手合作,如建築師的 Verner Panton 和 Arne Jacobsen 設計。他們重最新推出了一個舊愛,古老海軍吊燈 Navy Pendant。它最初產生於50年代,與海軍屋宇署合作,但在20世紀80年代,亦是它最後一次出現在他們的產品目錄。


Doo-Wop 夠樸實又和諧的設計。非常適合單獨掛去點綴某一個角落,一盞燈,排成一排,甚至是隨機排列的,似乎好有吸引力又有照明效果。隨手可得,以及餐廳和廚房,兒童房,如大廳和樓梯,所有的地方,給人以清新的風格。

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