ferm living SS 2013

ferm LIVING  is one of my favorite favorite home-ware decoration brand which is Danish design on scandinavian style and retro charm. Their beautiful graphic s such simply with geometric pattern as well as hamonious pastel color expended into design and interior products. 

ferm LIVING has released spring/ summer 2013 collections. I always excited to see their new great catalogue as their styling and using color is GORGEOUS. you may check it out their SS13 catalogue. \
I absolutely love the kids wallpaper and the bedding. If I could I must pick the half moon wallpaper for the one feature wall. Sorry maybe too many images below as i can't stop to post it but TOO BEAUTIFUL. 

ferm LIVING 是其中一個我非常喜愛的北歐設計風味的丹麥品牌。他們為室內產品設計上帶點復古的韻味。簡單的幾何圖案以及pastel的柔和色調勁吸引 ! 
他們在年頭推出了 spring/ summer 2013 系列。每次推出,我總是好興奮去看他們的新的catalogue,因為他們的styling 和 setting 太正了。你可以click HERE 去看看。
我今次就最喜歡小朋友的牆紙和床上用品 cushion 啊。如果我選,半圓的黑白牆紙,  去做一邊的特式牆啦!

Very NICE!!!!

all photos via ferm-LIVING

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