Vibe House

I would admitted in love with collecting, vintage stuffs / aboundance paper books / retro dirty accessories / posters.... 

The black family bought from Muji.
The Artist Timeline bought from Tate Modern Museum, London

The beautiful Blue and white ceramic vase is designed / made by Beijing Artist when traveling in local artist market in Beijing. 

the old vintage Chinese calendar was bought from local market in Shanghai . I love those old style printing and the color is fabulous. DIY on frame to be my feature wall month by month randomly with different layer. 

I love books. I love drawing and draw my adventure story while traveling somewhere. Those visual diaries are my treasures. some of them are redecorated the cover by lovely fabric. Memories are always beautiful. 

Keith Haring book was brought from Museum book shop in Paris. 

This is my favorite corner when sunlight come through from the blinds to my beloved piano such as great start in the morning.

The awesome art work on the wall by Steve Gorrow. I did surf every weekend. I don't mind the surfboard being a decor some corner. Channel islands surfboard. The mao's car is inspired from China Club we saw it on the bar counter before. Luckily, found another one were selling in a old vintage shop by old couples in Central. Definitely had to get one.  

all photos by me

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