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The Concrete is one of the popular elements in the interior design whatever for restaurant, retails or home in industrial style. But somehow we like the concrete color randomly or naturaly which we quite hard to handmade by contractor. Not only concerned the concrete color but also the natural phenomena of leakage after shrinking. 

guess what! Those images deceived me successfully while I was scanning it roughly in the first. haa... OMG! That surprised me it was all fake concrete wall! Pretty cool for applying in my design project. The Concrete wallpaper collection is designed by photographer Tom Haga based in Stavanger, Norway. 
more information and order online here:: Concretewall Tom Haga

Apart from Wallpaper, Cushions look Awesome! What a concrete visual fun! 

石屎泥水這種物料是在室內設計中比較流行的元素之一,無論餐廳,店舖或者玩型格家居的設計都喜歡用石屎/泥水,仿做industrial style。但唔知點解,  我們總偏好Random點的泥水顏色或者要自然不造作的,單單叫師傅人手特地做俾我們,真係十分困難的製作。我們試過一個家居設計項目做水泥感的牆身, 顏色及掃感及自然感難以控制去滿足客人心目中的要求。還有一種天然現象是牆身會收水而會有可能出現裂痕。

你知道嗎!係我第一眼略看睇到這些images,   成功咁欺騙到我。 HA... OMG!這是假的混凝土牆!很酷的idea! 方面的物料!可以應用在我的設計項目上。混凝土的壁紙設計集,是由攝影師Tom Haga 設計的,總部設在挪威.斯塔萬格(Stavanger)。
想知更多及online shop:: Concretewall Tom Haga

除了壁紙,Cushion 看起來真棒!是一個混凝土的視覺樂趣!


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