New Bed Linen | Normann Copenhagen

Beautiful minimal bed linen - Plus & Cube coming soon by Normann Copenhagen 

Plus and Cube are a series of minimalistic bed linen with a discreet feel. As an alternative to the usual flowery designs or the big and colorful graphic patterns seen on a lot of bed linen, the Plus and Cube bed linen consist of peacefully understated prints. Cube has a pattern of squares that gradually fade completely away.

好靚的bedding! minimal + Scandinavian style !! 簡單又靚!仲要係我好喜歡的牌子出品呀!


  1. I like the first sheets simple but beautiful. Maybe you want to visit my blog and we can follow each other on bloglovin and blogspot? Let me know I'll follow you back :) Have a great weekend.


  2. The duvet cover Cube and Plus from Normann Copenhagen are beautiful designs. Very stylish.


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