Old Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Market係Brick Lane隔離, 去得vintage market當然大部分地攤都係二手野,有好多好有味道既retro furniture, 有D 係local designer design既clothing & accessories, 花多眼亂,第一步踏入去,簡直興奮到爆! 全部antiques野令我著晒迷! 好多野好想拎返黎,買下收藏,由於盤川有限,只能細心欣嘗呢D經歷多年既收藏品!


Thurs:  Antiques, vintage clothes
Fri: Art and fashion
Sunday: General Market
9-5 Mon to Fri and Sunday
( off on Sat)

Beautiful type writer and old antiques pics
These old books good for decoration on display idea 
Want collect it 
If this hanging on kitchen / restaurant for decor light, that would be fantastic.

The Shop inside Spitalfields market 

Wooden Letters 

Oh wow! someone collected the Real bugs specimen..... A!

Like the head fossil

who don't luv this section!? 
Old doll, looks scary but interesting as 1st time to see it which you never found in HK

Nice Concept in Circus of Timberland retail store
Like the original red brick wall with metal display rack 
All photos and layout by Sai


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