Brick Lane

Reckon you must have a visit there when you luv to hang out, just enjoy the coffee with music in Cafe or shop in some local vintage, fashion, accessories store. Think Brick Lane is a great idea for young ppl who love casual street style.

Awa...mmmmmm you know I understand why BRICK LANE attracts lots of young londoners. 
When I got here, It looks massive in search of vintage clothes, local designer fashion, jewel, second-hand retro furniture, unusual products and bits of this-and-that. 

Walked along pass the Spitalfield Market cross through the Hanbury street or Fournier street. There is.

Brick Lane Map

第一次黎當然係亂行啦,行到肚子餓,要搵野食。行到去Hanbury street, 有間Rough Trade East ( 好像HMV的舖頭 )如果你係音樂達人?請進吧!我雖則只係經過,竟然spend左成個鐘係出入面hea, 內裡大把好多唔同種類既Music sound track, 黑膠碟,咩音樂都有,想試聽下?絕對無問題啦!

Brick Lane, Spitalfield, London E1 6QL 
020 7792 3490 

Mon to Thu 8:00 - 22:00, Fri & Sat 8:00 - 20:00, Sun 10:00 - 18:00

而係Rough Trade East 對面就有一間好有HK Initial feel 既cafe,
佢D decoration 好正,舊木table, bench, 破鏡配黑白舊照,爛椅及爛sofa骨架做裝飾,
sell既係homemade pizza / salads / cakes / cupcakes / coffees 

My favorite : Summer Pizza
Inside cafe
Nice Vintage mirror frame with old photos. 

Nice Decoration on the table

All photos and layout by Sai

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