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Last couple weeks ago, no wave no surf .
so we went swimming in the morning at ShekO then have a long breakfast at Lulu's cafe. back home for a little nap which usually have on my sunday.

late afternoon, we went to check out some shops in Star street, Wanchai. 
I pretty luv the name " Star Street & Sun Street "
haha kinda romantic name :)
well we have a late coffee there... and out with mosquito...
you know here is getting much more busy and many lovely small shops.
I like local style and selling interesting stuffs in mini shop with friendly ppl
much more than LV | GUCCI | big super shopping mall ! 

you will find some special soul in star street.
if you have little time, you should check it out sometime.
you will get some inspiration all about 
design | fashion | interior | furniture | homeware | cafe 

made my day! 

having a coffee here 
such as london style !! 
cupcake ah

nice sweetie girl, shop manager ? 
we bought a book! 
do you want some?
beautiful ceramic bowls and cups at Kapok 

selling chocolate at Kapok 
F.I.L.  definitely prefect in design and mood
I Luv this shop. 
Taste vibe and industrial style which selling the men's clothing and industrial furniture & lights & decoration & vintage stuffs. 

Wine & Dine map

Lifestyle map

More about Star Street 

Photos by Sai 

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