Warm Chocolate Brownie

well. you know.. i m quite busy and lazy.
wanna make a brownie cake for a long time but still did't have time to make it.
eventually i bought a pack of brownie mixture from supermarket..
ha Easy Fast ! taste not bad !
my mini monster luv it !

It's only need egg & vegetable oil & little water !
that's it . just stir all mixture well together.
I stir in some Linda 86% dark chocolate into the brownie mixture.
 finally... mmmm.. bake bit long time which i followed the direction. Initially I want the cake taste more soften inside, come out the edge bit over but in the middle session s soft la and sure it looks yummy actually not bad not bad...nom nom...

sift some powder sugar on top

my favorite cream with warm brownie  

luckily inside section is SOFT! delicious !

all gone! 
All photos by Sai

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