Easy way to make your healthy breakfast

I made some lovely foods during this 3 days holiday.

My berries smoothie chia seed pudding BREAKFAST :
It's Low Fat | Low sugar | Raw Food | no Gluten |
It's High fiber | rich Vitamin C 

could be your breakfast or afternoon tea or dessert :)

1.  Frozen berries             1 cup
     (blend with little water)
2.  Chia seed pudding :
    - No sugar soya milk      1 cup
    - Low fat plain yogurt     1/2 cup
    - vanilla essence              1 tsp
    - chia seed                     4 tsp
    ( whisk it all and stay for 30mins, then put into the fridge for overnight )
3. fresh strawberries, blue berries and banana stand by next morning

Mix it well
colouring of foods is very important. don't you thinks so? it looks beautiful make you happy to start the day.
Roasted veggi salad with balsamic dressing and season black sesames. 

How about this? Choco smoothie with granola. just take less than 5 mins

- Choco protein powder  ( or no sugar cocoa powder )      2tbsp
- no sugar soya milk     250ml
blend it all and get smooth.

topped with granola or muesli and definitely some berries. I picked my frozen berries. Its really hot weather today.

so THAT's IT!

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